Friday, October 9, 2009

Inspired by "Autumn"

First, Second, and Third Grade students spent some time listening to two movements from The Four Seasons by Italian composer, Antonio Vivaldi. Specifically, students listened to the two movements entitled, "Autumn." Vivaldi's work is an example of program music, or music which is written tell a story or convey a specific image or idea. Before listening, students were told that the music was supposed to make them think about Fall. Then students spent an extended period of time listening to the two movements. Ideas about the "images" or "movies" that played in their minds while listening were discussed. Then students were asked to create a drawing to show what the music made them think of . Below you can see some of the artwork the students created.

Antonio Vivaldi lived during the Baroque period (1600-1750) and taught music in an orphanage/school for girls. His students would have played these pieces in the small orchestra which he directed at the school in Italy. If you are interested in hearing these selections from The Four Seasons, there is a small CD player outside the music room with the display of the student artwork. Take a moment to not only enjoy the art, but the music that inspired it's creation as well.