Monday, July 2, 2012

What Are YOU Doing This Summer?

Well Bluffview Bears, we've been on summer break for a month now.  What have YOU been up to?  I am very excited that in the next month I will be taking a class about using SmartBoards in the Elementary Music Classroom at Central Connecticut State University.  This is an advanced level class, which I am particularly looking forward to because I have taken several introductory level classes already, and hope to learn new things about the SmartBoard that I've not seen before.  Plus it's rare to find a technology course that is specifically designed for elementary general music classrooms!

In August, I will be getting married!  So don't forget that when we come back to school, your music teacher will no longer be Ms. Hogan - because I will be Mrs. Daubney!  Enjoy the rest of your summer,  Bluffsview Bears!