Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New Interactive Recorder Sites for Beginners!

Fourth Graders have JUST started learning to play the recorder.  Fifth and Sixth graders have spent several class periods reviewing what they learned on recorder in previous school years.  If your child is excited about playing the recorder and would like some extra practice at home, check out some of these interactive websites that I discovered over the summer:

Click Here for an interactive fingering chart from Plank Road Publishing.  Shows the note on the staff, the pitch name, how to finger the note, and what it should sound like.

The next two sites are amazing learning tools.  You must have a microphone activated either externally or internally for these websites to work.  In Recorder Express, playing exercises are "train" themed.  In Joy Tunes Interactive, playing exercises are "adventure" themed.  Both can be played with or without creating a user profile, although if you create a free account, student progress can be saved in the game.  Both websites allow students to play recorder right at the computer, with the microphone picking up their sound and advancing them as they play correct notes.  They are really neat websites!

Students, if you try any of these out, let me know!