Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Learning Recorder

Would you believe that the recorder is an instrument that has been around since Medieval times? That was nearly 1500 years ago! And yet, through it's transformation from integral melodic instrument of the orchestra to beginning children's music instrument, the recorder is still relevant today.

Fourth grade students will begin to learn to play the recorder this year. Fifth and Sixth grade students will continue and grow upon their skills developed in past years. The recorder is an excellent instrument for the elementary music classroom because of it's ease in portibility as well as use. Anyone can learn to play the recorder!

Playing the recorder this year will not only help students become better music readers, but also more intelligent musicians all around. Students have to read rhythms and pitches while controlling their breath and fine motor skills in their fingers all while creating beautiful music. Success in learning to play the recorder is a wonderful boost to the self esteem of any child, even if he/she has taken private music lessons for years.

For students without private lesson experience, playing the recorder offers the opportunity for individual intervention in the development of their skills. By learning to play a solo, students are able to critically judge their own performance and receive individual attention from me.

Students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade have the opportunity to purchase a recorder of their own for $5.00 . I will continue to take orders through the end of September. The recorders come from Peripole Bergeralut and are an excellent quality instrument designed with students in mind. Please send cash or checks (made payable to Bluffsview PTA) to Mrs. Hogan by September 29th, 2010.

I strongly recommend the purchase of a recorder for your child. This will be an instrument that he/she will continue to use for the rest of their time with me in music at Bluffsview Elementary. Having an instrument of their own means that your child will be able to practice at home and increase their skills even more. Please consider this small investment in your child's musical future.